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Dispersion of carbon black in polyethylene geomembrane

  • Time:2020-06-19 09:00
  • Source:未知
Geomembrane is a kind of polymer membrane material which is used for waterproofing and has very low permeability in engineering. Its hydraulic conductivity is very low, usually in 10 ~'3 ~ 10 "2S, which is an ideal anti-seepage material. Compared with the traditional waterproof materials, the geomembrane not only has excellent impermeability, but also has the advantages of good flexibility, strong deformation adaptability, high strength, easy overall connection construction and so on.
Among all kinds of geomembrane products, polyethylene geomembrane, especially medium and high density polyethylene geomembrane, has better comprehensive performance, excellent anti-seepage performance, high strength, large elongation, good low temperature flexibility, light weight, good welding performance, convenient construction, etc. Therefore, the medium and high-density polyethylene geomembrane is more and more widely used in many fields, including municipal waste sanitary landfill, mine heap leaching pond and tailings treatment, chemical plant anti-seepage, petrochemical tank farm anti-seepage, advanced water projects, high-speed road construction and other important construction projects.
Due to the harsh environment in the application field of medium and high density polyethylene geomembrane, it has been exposed to various chemicals and direct sunlight for a long time, so people are very concerned about its aging resistance. In order to improve the UV resistance of polyethylene geomembrane, carbon black was added to the geomembrane. The addition of carbon black can inhibit the degradation of polyethylene under UV. In order to resist UV, carbon black should reach a certain content (usually 2.0% ~ 3.0%) in the polyethylene geomembrane, and be evenly dispersed. In order to understand the dispersion degree of carbon black in polyethylene geomembrane, it is necessary to test it. ASTM d5596-2003, ISO 18553-2002 and GB / T 18251-2000 [|_ 3] Wait. According to ASTM d5596-2003, the dispersion of carbon black in polyethylene geomembrane was tested, and the problems encountered in the test were discussed. In this paper, the dispersion degree of carbon black in the samples prepared by hot pressing method and cold cutting method is examined.Click file download

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