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The application of DSC method in curing degree test of thermosetting resin

  • Time:2020-06-15 08:56
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Thermosetting resin refers to a kind of resin that has chemical changes after heating, gradually hardens and forms, and does not soften or dissolve when heated again. Common thermosetting resins include phenolic, epoxy, amino, unsaturated polyester and silicone ether resin. Epoxy powder coating is one of the most important thermosetting polymer materials. Because of its good adhesion, dielectric properties and chemical stability, it has been widely used in various fields.
Curing reaction refers to the chain reaction between epoxy functional group and hardener at proper temperature. Curing degree is a very important parameter of thermosetting polymer materials. Generally, the curing reaction is exothermic reaction. The amount of exothermic reaction is related to the type of functional degree of resin, the number of functional groups participating in the reaction, the type and dosage of curing agent, etc. but for a resin system with a certain formula, the curing reaction heat is certain, so it can be easily imported by using the Huicheng instrument dsc-600 Determine the degree of solidification. Dsc-600 differential scanning calorimeter adopts pure imported sensor, with sensitive test accuracy and good repeatability, welcome new and old customers to purchase.
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