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Determination of thermal stability (oxidation induction period) of plastics indus

  • Time:2020-06-16 09:04
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Plastic is one of the four basic building materials in China. China is a big country in the production and consumption of plastic products. Plastics have been widely used in the national economy and daily life, and the market space is very broad, especially the development of electronic appliances, transportation and construction industry put forward higher and higher requirements for plastic parts and various products, forcing the industrial upgrading and product upgrading of plastics, and realizing high price ratio, energy saving, environmental protection and use safety. Therefore, as a sunrise industry, plastic industry still has a lot of room for development.
Special attention should be paid to the effect of light, heat and oxygen on plastic materials in storage, processing and daily use, which is very easy to cause the aging reaction of polymer materials, make the physical and mechanical properties of the materials worse and shorten the service life. Therefore, it is of great significance to evaluate the effect of antioxidant correctly in the development of new products and performance test of plastics. In recent years, oxidation induction time and temperature are widely used as a measure of thermal oxidation stability of polymers. With the development of testing technology and instruments, differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) has become an important method to evaluate the thermal stability of plastics.
It is one of the accelerated aging experiments to determine the oxidation induction time and temperature of polymer by thermal analysis. Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) can be used to measure the oxidation induction time and temperature of plastic materials. Place the plastic sample and inert reference in the differential thermal analyzer, measure the time or temperature required by the antioxidant stability system in the sample to inhibit its oxidation under the constant temperature or temperature rise at a constant rate in the oxygen or air atmosphere. Oxidation induction time or temperature is a means to evaluate the thermal stability of the tested materials.
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