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China agricultural science chooses our differential scanning calorimeter

  • Time:2020-04-26 09:16
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The Farmland Irrigation Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences was founded in Beijing in 1959, and moved to Xinxiang City, Henan Province in 1963. It is under the joint leadership of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas and the Ministry of water resources. The three powers belong to the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas. In November 2009, with the approval of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the approval of the science and Technology Department of Henan Province, the brand of "Henan irrigation and Drainage Technology Research Institute" was added.

 It is mainly engaged in the applied basic research and technical development in the field of farmland irrigation and drainage, and its research direction mainly includes irrigation technology and equipment, drainage technology and equipment, crop water relationship and water efficient utilization technology, rational utilization of agricultural water resources and water environment protection, material and energy circulation law and efficient utilization technology of farmland ecosystem, etc. There are doctoral and master degree authorization points and postdoctoral mobile workstations in agricultural soil and water engineering.

 To identify the service life of polyethylene materials, it is usually to determine the oxidation induction time (OIT). Oxidation induction time is the time to determine the autocatalytic oxidation reaction of the sample under the condition of high temperature (200 ℃) oxygen, and it is the index to evaluate the heat-resistant degradation ability of the material in the process of forming, storage, welding and use. The longer the oxidation induction period is, the longer the service life of the pipeline is; the shorter the oxidation induction period is, the shorter the service life of the pipeline is. Our dsc-600 differential scanning calorimeter is specially designed forThe determination of oxidation induction time has the advantages of high stability and good repeatability.

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