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Oxidation induction period tester OIT-600

Product classification: Oxidation induction period tes

The oxidation induction period (OIT) is a method to test the degree of accelerated aging of plastics in high temperature oxygen which is based on the exothermic reaction of plastic molecular chain when it breaks. It is to evaluate the heat-resistant

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product details

instrument introduction:
Differential scanning calorimetry, as a classical thermal analysis method, has been widely used in the research and development, process optimization, quality control and failure analysis of various materials and chemistry fields. By using DSC, we can study the phase transformation of inorganic materials, melting of polymer materials, crystallization process, polymorphism of drugs, solid / liquid phase ratio of oil and other foods.

instrument purpose:
Measure the physical and chemical changes related to heat, such as glass transition temperature, melting point, melting temperature, crystallization and crystallization heat, phase transition reaction heat, thermal stability of products, curing / crosslinking, oxidation induction period, etc.

main features:
1.   the new fully enclosed metal furnace design structure greatly improves sensitivity, resolution and baseline stability.
2.   the imported alloy sensor is more corrosion-resistant, oxidation-resistant and highly sensitive.
3.    with Cortex-M3 core arm controller, the operation processing speed is faster and the temperature control is more accurate.
4.    it adopts USB two-way communication to fully realize intelligent operation.
5.    uses a 7-inch 24 bit color full-color LCD touch screen to display the status and data of the instrument in real time.
6.   intelligent software design, automatic drawing of the whole process of the instrument, software can realize various data processing, such as calculation of enthalpy, glass transition temperature, oxidation induction period, melting point and crystallization of substances, etc.

technical parameters:  
1. DSC range: 0 ~ ± 500MW
2. Temperature range: room temperature ~ 600 ℃
3. Heating rate: 0.1 ~ 80 ℃ / min
4. Temperature resolution: 0.01 ℃
6. Temperature repeatability: ± 0.1 ℃
7. DSC noise: 0.001mw
8.   DSC resolution: 0.001mw
9. DSC accuracy: 0.01mw
10. DSC sensitivity: 0.01mw
11. Temperature control method: temperature rise: Program Control   parameters can be adjusted as required
                                               constant temperature: Program Control   constant temperature time arbitrary setting
12.   curve scanning: heating scanning
13. Atmosphere control: automatic switching of instrument
14. Gas flow: 0-200ml / min
15.   gas pressure: 0.2MPa
16. Display mode: 24 bit color 7-inch LCD touch screen display
17. Data interface: standard USB interface
18. Parameter standard: equipped with reference material and one button calibration function, users can calibrate the temperature and Enthalpy by themselves
19. Working power supply: AC 220V   50Hz or customized
20. Power: 600W

reference standard:
GB / T 19466.2 – 2004 / ISO 11357-2: 1999 Part 2: Determination of glass transition temperature;
GB / T 19466.3 – 2004 / ISO 11357-3: 1999 Part 3: Determination of melting and crystallization temperature and enthalpy;
GB / T 19466.6-2009 / ISO 11357-3: 1999 Part 6: Determination of oxidation induction time (isothermal OIT) and oxidation induction temperature (dynamic OIT) during oxidation induction period.

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