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HC-G1001 Carbon black content tester

Product classification: Carbon black content tester

Application: suitable for the determination of carbon black content in polyethylene, polypropylene and polybutene plastics

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product details

Product overview:
      Application: suitable for the determination of carbon black content in polyethylene, polypropylene and polybutene plastics

Technical features:
1. 4-digit nixie tube display, display the current temperature, set the temperature, 30 temperature program sections can be set.
2. The integrated design of heating furnace body and control system is convenient for user's instrument management.
3. The temperature program section is input manually and stored automatically. After saving successfully, the user only needs one button to start the operation.
4. Nitrogen and oxygen gas instruments are manually switched, equipped with high-precision floating ball gas flowmeter.
5. Nano blanket is a new type of heat preservation material, which can achieve excellent heat preservation and constant temperature effect and high temperature uniformity in furnace.
6.  Compliance with standards GB/T 2951.8,GB/T 13021,JTG E50 T1165,IEC 60811-4-1,ISO 6964。       

technical parameter:
1. Temperature range: room temperature~1000℃
2. Combustion tube size: Ф30mm*500mm
3. Heating element: resistance wire
4. Display mode: digital tube display
5. Temperature control mode: PID programmable control, automatic memory temperature setting section
6. Working power supply: AC220V/50HZ/60HZ
7. Rated power:1.5KW
8. Host size: 305mm long, 475mm wide and 475mm high

Configuration list:
1. Carbon black content tester host 1 set
2. power cord 1 piece
3. Big tweezers One
4. 10 Burning Boats
5. 10 spoons
6. 1 small tweezer
7. Nitrogen pipe 5m
8. Oxygen pipe 5m
9. Exhaust pipe 5m
10. 1 manual
11. 1 CD
12. 1 set of operation video
13. 1 Certificate
14. 1 warranty card
15. 2 quick connectors
16. 2 pressure reducing valve joints
17. 5 fuses
18. 1 pair of high temperature gloves
19. 4 silicone plugs
20. 2 combustion pipes

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